Pollard Family Photos at Lake Williams

Soccer, lakes, and innocent silliness are a few things that define the Pollard family.

As a branding photographer, I’m always looking to ask, “How do you want to be remembered?” And when it comes to family photography, I find ways to make sure those elements are incorporated into each session.

That’s why every family’s photographs have so many memorable moments—their images are on-brand for their family. Each session influences me to show up in a different way, and I absolutely adore the candid opportunities that come with that.

The Pollards own a cabin a few hours out but noted the importance of that location. So when it came to it, I took them to my favorite place—Lake Williams in Jacobus, PA.

They were astonished when we got there…Nikki had heard about this lake but never imagined it to be as beautiful as it is. And honestly, the only downside to shooting this session here was that we didn’t get to cover the entire area.

It gave the kids enough space to be kids, and enough gorgeous views to keep everyone in awe.

This family is kind, patient, and loving. I’ve never seen siblings get along so well (and if they were faking it, well, I’ve never seen siblings fake it so well 😉

Enjoy the Pollard’s family photos at Lake Williams!

Lancaster PA family photographer
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Lake Williams photo session
Lake Williams photo sessions
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
lake williams jacobus pa
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
candid portrait photographer baltimore md
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Lake family photography
candid portrait photographer lancaster pa
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
family photographer baltimore md
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Baltimore Family Photographer
Lauren Mudrock Photography
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard Family Photo session York PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Pollard family photo session Lake Williams Jacobus PA
Lake Williams Jacobus PA

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lauren mudrock and her cat tucker

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business or looking for a portrait photographer in York, PA, family photographer in York, PA, or portrait photographer in Lancaster, PA, or portrait photographer near Baltimore, get in touch!

Someone needs your influence more than you think right now

So you want to speak on a specific topic you think will really help people, but right now you feel like no one needs your influence. Or you’re afraid of the backlash you’ll receive from it, so you’re hesitating on putting it out to the world…

…This will help you get over that and see that you’ve got a gift to give.

Here’s what you’ll get out of today’s video:

00:37 | Two words that saved me when I broke a ping pong table

03:19 | Your perfect opportunity to influence people & the easiest way to get someone to do what you want them to do

04:51 | What my client, Michelle, taught me about how being your true self influences others

05:27 | The response you’ll get when you share your honest experiences, feelings, and insights (what memes already do so well)

07:33 | Why you NOT sharing your message could keep someone from being the next Oprah or Elon Musk

09:18 | My challenge to you for that message you’ve been putting off

09:46 | Resources to help you get your message to catch on


All good things,

Why people need your influence more than you think

Years ago when I was a kid, two words changed my life.

“Shit happens.”

I was standing exiled in my driveway when our handyman came out, stood next to me, and lit up a cigarette. Those words spilled out from his lips with the smoke.

Looking back, it was clear he had no idea what to say to keep me, this random little girl, from crying.

And while I definitely didn’t respond (otherwise I would have bawled), it helped.

Here’s the backstory:

My parents had just gotten us a ping pong table, and after a few times of using it they decided it could use a light above it. So they called this handyman up to install it.

He showed up, put up the light fixture, and we put the table back in place.

I went about playing while they went to work on another project.

And while they were upstairs, the light bulb went out. It was a quick fix in my mind, so I—being the size of a shrimp—hopped on the table and went to screw it back in.

But then the table sunk in. And I felt all the heat of embarrassment of what was about to come, rush to my face.

I had to admit what happened to my parents. And as I expected, there was so much yelling at me for doing what I genuinely thought was the right thing to do!

So, I was exiled outside so they didn’t get any angrier.

Honestly, the table was fine and only required a quick fix, but I lost interest in playing ping pong (you know, now that I associated it with my parents screaming at me).

On that day, I felt like no one was in my corner. What was the point of trying to be helpful if was always wrong and punished for my efforts at the end of the day?

(And yes, I still disagree with how my parents handled the situation and make them feel bad about it whenever it comes up 😉

But what sticks out to me most out of that entire memory were those two words: shit happens.

The handyman could have remained uncomfortable and silent because it wasn’t his place to get involved. But instead, he chose to say something despite his own cluelessness on whether or not it would help.

And his easy energy helped me get through the situation. Even if I didn’t show it.
And it definitely helped me brush off my mistakes as an adult.

So if you feel ineffective with your words, or like you’ve never made an impact in someone’s life, I promise you that’s not the case.

Some people just aren’t able to tell you what you’ve done for them.

If you’re hesitating on sharing a message right now, here are 3 good reasons you have to.

1. People follow what they can see

This is a great lesson that Jonah Berger writes about in his book, Contagious. He talks about observability (and it’s actually the reason that anti-drug campaigns inspire more drug use than not!).

Do you ever see videos of a crowd surrounding a fight, yet no one steps in to help? Deep down everyone’s thinking, “Someone should do something!” but they’re also thinking, “someone else will take care of it”.

Instead, people see people cheering, so they cheer too.

But if someone stepped in to break it up, you’d see more people stepping in to do the same.

And at the core of it, no one really knows what to do. We all assume everyone else has it figured out, so we let the “adult” step in.

But when you’re in a room full of adults and no one’s doing anything, you have the perfect opportunity to influence the entire room to do better.

People need to be shown how to act or respond because that makes it easy for us to copy.

It’s a domino effect, and you get to be the catalyst, or you become pushed over like everyone else.

2. People need your permission

If we keep our thoughts to ourselves, we become isolated and think we’re the only ones who feel that way.

When you let your own guard down and share your honest thoughts and experiences, here’s what you’ll get:

“I thought I was the only one! Thank you for sharing this—you’ve made me feel so much better!”

Your words can literally release someone from years of guilt and shame over something that was never a big deal in the first place.

Just like the cool and calm “shit happens” mentality.

But that won’t happen if you keep your thoughts to yourself.

This happened at a conference I attended once. The speaker asked, “What’s one seemingly unrelated thing you need to change in your daily life to help you finish your project?”

I know you know that awkward feeling I felt… I shouldn’t share my answer…I’m going to embarrass myself and it’s really not important anyway.

But I got past my own mental block and took the mic and said, “I need to stop falling asleep with makeup on and instead wash my face at night.”

So irrelevant. And I was certain I was the only one.

To my surprise, there was an instant wave of relatability across the entire room.

Later on, a woman in her late 60s came up to me and said, “Lauren, you have no idea how much shame I carried around my whole life because I didn’t wash my face! I feel so much better that you shared that!”

(She later became an amazing client of mine.)

What you openly share reminds people that they’re human and they’re not punishable for having a weird habit.

You gain their trust, their friendship, and help them heal.

(That’s also why people bond so well over memes. They’re hilarious because they’re honest and normalize what we often feel isolated about.)

3. You may be the only person someone feels comfortable learning from

Imagine being in a classroom with a teacher you’re too intimidated to ask questions to.

You’d miss out on precious information and clarity, and your grades would suffer because you didn’t feel comfortable speaking up.

That’s often what life is like for most of us.

It took me a ton of effort to get past that fear myself, and there are still times I’m too scared to ask.

So imagine what your influence could do for someone else.

What could you help someone learn? What could you open someone up to if you created a space for them to ask “dumb questions” without feeling embarrassed?

At one job I worked, I barely knew enough about my role or the industry to get by. But for some reason, there was a new guy who would always come to me when he had a question.

I didn’t get it, but I always did my best to get him an answer.

And later when I left he admitted to me that I was the only one he felt comfortable enough to ask his am-I-supposed-to-know-this questions to.

If you keep your influence to yourself. If you don’t get your knowledge out there in your own way. Then someone’s missing out on their calling to become the next Oprah or Elon Musk.

Because no one else’s messaging is landing for them right now. But yours might.

Start speaking up — someone needs your influence right now.

That video you were hesitating on making. That conversation you were stalling on having. Go do it. And come back and tell me about what good comes from it, and how much lighter you feel, and how much you helped someone.

Because someone somewhere needs your influence right now. They are silently asking for you to intervene so they can free themselves. So speak up, lovingly, and trust that it’s doing good.

If you’ve been thinking about building an influence but don’t know where to start, my personal branding photography experience includes personal brand consulting to help you share your story & make it visible. That or my personal brand consulting will help you connect the dots on all the questions that are keeping you from getting your message out to the people who need it right now.

All good things,

P.S. Want to start making an influence right now? You can do that by planning your headshots. I have a free guide you can get on how to build your personal brand with your headshots. Get that here.

What should you wear for your headshots? 6 tips to help you decide

I’ll be honest—I’m no fashionista for my everyday self (I don’t care enough to dress up every day).

My best clothes are hand-me-downs from my sister (rompers, jumpers, and Instagram-worthy tops). And if left to my own devices, the most I’ll do for myself is pair a casual v-neck with the same ol’ jeans.

And actually, my lazy style is a good thing for both of us. Because my sister’s style is a staple for her, and my casual look is a staple for me.

It’s on-brand for both of us, and it’s what makes each of us memorable and likable. If a friend saw one of us walking down a crowded street, it’s one way they would recognize us.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to dress up when I can, and it doesn’t make a difference what you wear at the end of the day (more on that here).

But when you’re wondering what to wear to your headshot session, it helps to know how what’s on-brand for you.

Because that’s what building your personal brand is all about—being recognizable in your own way. And that’s exactly what you want to remember when figuring out what to wear for your headshots.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this video:

0:00 | One question you should ask yourself before deciding what to wear for your headshot session

1:17 | Why you should never ask someone else what to wear for your headshot session

1:56 | The outfit that’ll set you apart from everyone else (and prevent catfishing)

2:42 | Your personal outfit guru and how to use it to clean up your favorite everyday looks

3:04 | How to craft an outfit that’s a great icebreaker/conversation starter for the next time you’re in an interview (plus a guidebook that will help you design them)

3:57 | Knowing this will save you from looking like a potato in your headshots

4:46 | The secret to color-coordinating

5:39 | How to make one outfit go a long way so you get more time on camera and spend less time changing

6:17 | How to be strategic & intentional before planning your headshot outfits & why “what should I wear” is the last question you should ask yourself if you want people to pay attention to you.

When you’re done watching, you can access your free guide on how to build your personal brand with your headshots here.

All good things,

What to wear to your next headshot session

If you’re like me and need someone else to do the fashion work for you, these tricks will help you a lot.

But the goal is to stay true to yourself. (So maybe don’t ask someone else to style you, otherwise, you’ll end up feeling embarrassed & acting awkward on camera.)

Before deciding what to wear, yourself this:

What do I want to be recognized for?

These tips will put the creative power back in your hands. Then you’ll be able to wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in and still look sick AF in your headshots.

Tip 1: Stick to your normal day-to-day outfits

This may sound risky (or freeing), but you don’t have to try so hard. Wearing your day-to-day outfits will actually set you apart in your headshots.

Why? Because people want to know who you’ll be on the job, not who you’ll pretend to be in your interview.

Plus wearing your day-to-day outfits creates consistency. If that’s how you’ll dress on the job (or it reflects your personality), your bosses or clients won’t feel like they’ve been catfished when they see you for the first time.

Tip 2: Use Pinterest

Okay, so you know what kind of outfits you wear daily. Now pick one piece (ex: dark jeans, v-neck, cardigan) and search “_______ outfit”.

Ex: “dark jeans outfit”, “v-neck outfit”, “cardigan outfit”

From there, take what ideas you like and leave the rest.

This will show you how to clean up your look in a professional way while still keeping your essence.

Tip 3: Bring several outfits

When you really don’t know what to wear for your headshots, I recommend showing up with a couple different outfits. You can ask for your photographer’s insight on how to pair them, and it gives you tons of wiggle room if you’re afraid of choosing the wrong outfit.

But the main reason you want to bring several outfits to your headshot session is to show off different aspects of your personality.

Think about it—if you’re professional, but you have a side of you that loves going to concerts, why not show both?

When you show that you’ve got your shit figured out in one photo… And then you show you’ve got your shit figured out and love The Black Keys in another, you’ll win someone’s heart over.

I go more into this in my guide on how to build your personal brand with your headshots. You can get it here (it’s free).

Tip 4: Google styles for your body type

Ever wonder why something looks good on everyone else, but you put it on and you look like a potato? (I don’t care what your shape is…we’ve all been there.)

That’s because the outfit doesn’t suit your body type. Knowing what style complements your shape takes the guesswork out of what to wear for headshots.

If you don’t know what your body type is, here’s a good quiz Stitch Fix has to help you figure it out. From there, go back to Pinterest and search “outfits for _______ shape”. You may have to play with the wording to get different results.

Note: always go with your gut. If you don’t like the styles that are popping up, you don’t have to wear them. Stick with what you love on yourself most.

Tip 5: Pick one color and build your outfit around that

Simpler is better. If you try to pair a bright green shirt with bold red bracelets, and blue jeans you’re going to look like a Christmas tree.

To avoid that, pick one color you feel most confident in. Then wear that with one other color that complements it. Again, you can search on Pinterest for ways to pair your colors together.

Less is more unless it’s on-brand for you to wear a bunch of different colors and you know how to do it well!

Bonus: bright colors reflect back onto your skin in photos. If you feel weird about having blue or red highlights on your skin, it’s best to leave out the bright, strong shades and go with deeper tones.

Tip 6: Dress in layers

This is similar to bringing multiple outfits, but you can make one outfit go a long way.

In my sessions, guys usually come in with a dress shirt, then add a tie, then add their suit jacket. Ladies usually have their favorite fitted shirt, then add a jacket on top.

This also helps if you get hot or cold easily (I always do).

What to do with this information

Those tips are a great place to start when you’re ready to figure out what to wear for your headshot session.


“What should I wear to my headshot session” is the last question you should be asking yourself when prepping for headshots.

Why? Good headshots aren’t just a placeholder for your vacant profile pictures.

If you use your headshots as a means to build your personal brand (whether you’re a business owner or are job-searching), you can literally get higher-quality jobs and save so many wasted applications.

Your personal brand is what gets people to want to know you, pay attention to you, and take your work seriously.

If you want to learn how to how you can build your personal brand with your headshots, then check out this guide.

All good things,

Get your free guide below!

Feel unattractive? Remember this

Ever feel like you’re unworthy of going out with your friends because you feel unattractive?

Or like you don’t add any value to the world BECAUSE you’re not as good looking as the other people who do what you do? (Because sex sells, right?)

Feel like you want to hide your face to avoid the dread and what-ifs?

Yeah, let’s talk about that. Because I’ve struggled with that my entire life (ugh, hello bacne, nice to see you’re still here).

But I’ve taught myself some things over the years that have helped me release the pressure and, in turn, win people over.

They’ll help you, too.

Here’s what you’ll get from this video:

1:02 | How feeling unattractive can stop your career, habits, and hobbies in their tracks

1:45 | A perspective that will change your mind when you think you couldn’t be more boring to look at

2:49 | The one thing to remember when you’re afraid to be seen in public (aka how you can still woo people even with greasy morning skin and bedhead)

5:10 | What a college frat party taught me about myself and how people saw me

6:00 | What your feelings of unattractiveness wish you knew

7:33 | How to become irresistibly sexy in any moment

Here’s a quote from this video that you’ll love:

“The things that we most often hate about ourselves are the things that people love about us the most.”

Feel unattractive?

You start to get ready for a night out with friends, and the only thought in your mind is, “It’s not gonna be my day.”

But you try to get yourself together anyway.

You put on makeup, curl your hair, and try on 12 different outfits. And—like you predicted—none of them fit your curves the way they should.

It starts to sink in that you don’t want to be seen. You have a sense that everyone’s going to be gawking at your friends, but no one’s gonna want to talk to you.

That’s not a good feeling whatsoever. And none of us are immune to it from time to time.

What life looks like when you feel unattractive

The pressure of having to look good to catch and hold people’s attention is so. much.

And that feeling doesn’t only disrupt your mojo of getting to know new people. It stops your confidence in your career and hobbies, too.

It shows up as a subtle voice that sounds like:

“I don’t want to put myself out there.”

“I don’t have anything to offer that somebody else doesn’t already have to offer, so I’m not gonna waste my time.”

“There’s nothing special about me. Why am I even trying?”

That voice is there to keep us safe from feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

But you don’t have to stay stuck in that space for the rest of your life.

(Side note: let yourself feel those shitty feelings completely. When you do that, they lose power over you, and that actually gives them a space of non-resistance to leave.
But once you’ve cleared those feelings, it’s time to add new perspective. Otherwise your mind will rubber-band back to those thought patterns. That’s what it’s trained to do.)

So the next time you’d want to hide behind your covers & a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to not risk being seen, remember these 3 things:

#1 Don’t Punish Yourself

Things are never as they appear to be in our own minds.

It turns out the times we feel like crap about ourselves are the times other people think we’re gorgeous.

What’s really going on is, we can’t always see our own beauty because we’re so used to looking at ourselves.

We see the same “picture” of ourselves over and over again so we numbingly think, “Wow, I couldn’t be more boring to look at.”

I have that run-in with my friends all the time. Sometimes I’ll apologize for my current breakout and that I chose to wear baggy clothes that day.

But their response is always, “No way, I was just thinking about how gorgeous you are when you aren’t even trying! And honestly, I didn’t even notice your acne.”

And I share the same enamored thoughts about them when they want to apologize for how they look.

(Side note: If you think someone is gorgeous, TELL THEM. Even if it’s every time you see them. Do you know how good it feels when someone compliments you?? Yeah, imagine if we all got a daily dose of compliments from friends and strangers. How would we carry ourselves and interact in a world like that?)

#2 Your energy trumps your appearance

Have you ever seen someone who wasn’t “traditionally” attractive? But they had this confidence about who they were and how they did things, that you were so damn attracted to them.

The same goes for you.

There are qualities you have that other people don’t, and that alone makes them drawn to you. The best part? You don’t have to spend a minute dolling yourself up for that.

You’ve experienced this for yourself, too.

Have you ever seen a model-worthy person who turned out to be a total douche? Once you saw that, you didn’t care a bit about how they looked—they became the most unattractive person to you.

Because your vibe is more telling than your looks.

And you don’t have to be to be this perfect, happy-go-lucky kind of person to have attractive energy. All that matters is that you show up and own yourself completely. Your thoughts, your opinions, and your sometimes-quirky looks.
There are times I’m not feeling 100% on my confidence game, but people still say that I come off as such a bright light. (Even when I’m feeling like a complete mood-sucker.)

Because people see your energy—the level of realness you’re willing to own. And they can tell when you’re trying too hard to say or do the right thing to get their approval.

When you let yourself be truthful, and you share your stories, likes, and dislikes in a non-defensive way, that draws people in to you. And you become so much sexier than your looks alone could do.

(Also if someone doesn’t like you for those things, GOOD. You don’t need to waste your time trying to force something that isn’t going to fit, period.)

What a frat party taught me about my attraction

I was a freshman at West Chester University when my sister was a senior there. So, like any good older sister would, she took me out to a frat party.

She dressed me up in a cameo and cowgirl boots (holy shit that is not. me.) and ushered me in to wave-pool of people.

I ended up as the lonely girl who leaned against the wall with only a cellphone light illuminating her face. The whole night.


I was so intimidated. Every time my sister introduced me to someone, the conversation stopped at “Hi, nice to meet you!” and I’d turn to look at the floor for reassurance.

I convinced myself that no one wanted to talk to me, and I was clearly the ugliest girl in the room otherwise everyone would have wanted to talk to me.

But it turns out I just don’t connect with frat-party people.

Never did and probably never will. It’s just not me.

Once I changed who I hung around, I realized that I was a people-person, and that I was attractive and desirable to those people.

The point is, there are so many things going for you. You always have something that someone finds attractive. You only have to align with yourself, be honest with yourself, and be real about yourself.

#3 It’s never about your looks

Chances are, if you’re feeling ugly, you’re feeling bad about something else in your life first.

My friend described this perfectly over the phone the other day. “It’s a whole compilation of little things.”

Those things could be:

• You feel like you’ve annoyed someone else and now things are awkward

• You made another mistake at work, and you feel like everyone’s keeping score

• Or you poured your heart out into posts for your business and nobody acknowledged you

All those judgments spill over into the way we see our appearance.

And our entire perspective of ourselves becomes skewed.

And then, like I mentioned, it slows you down and makes you want to give up on everything because you feel unworthy.

That’s okay.

Here’s how you turn that around:

Ask yourself, “What’s really going on right now?” Lean into those feelings. And give yourself space to accept what you’re actually stressed about or scared of.

And then address those issues fearlessly. Because you’re bigger than them.

But you owe it to yourself to be honest about what’s really bothering you. That’ll give you space to rebuild the way you see yourself.

You’re gorgeous, and you have all the qualities someone’s looking for. In a friend, in a relationship, and even in business.

Remember these things, and be gentle with yourself. You deserve to be the most attractive person in the room to the right people for you.

You’re attractive for way more reasons than your looks.

All good things,

P.S. Want people to want to know you? Headshots help catch the attention of the people you’d love to work with. And they help you see yourself in your true power (which means they’re a great motivator). See what you can have for yourself.

Is your headshot sabotaging you? Bad headshots vs good headshots

Good & Bad Headshots

What makes bad headshots vs good headshots? Is yours actually preventing you from making big moves in your career?

Does anyone even care? (Well, yes, and those people are out there killin’ it in the business world right now while the rest of us convince ourselves that no one wants what we have to offer).

See, it’s not that you’re not the perfect candidate for that position you’ve been stalking, or that you’re just lacking the skills (after all your experiences? you’ve got everything you need!). It’s just that you’re not positioning yourself out in the world so the right people can see your genius and that you are their dream come true.

You, my friend, are the perfect fit, and if you’re serious about getting your dream gig, I’m going to show you the first step to getting in the right people’s field of view—your headshot.

In this video I cover:

0:20 | The one person who steals 5 minutes of your time & why you want to be that person

1:19 | How to tell if your headshot is crappy & sabotaging you

2:06 | What 3 things make the recipe for a good headshot

2:42 | The thing about good headshots that makes your people flock to you, effortlessly

3:23 | How to brand yourself in your headshots to save you time, rejections and heartaches

4:43 | How to not get lost in the crowd…or your own photo

5:12 | The 1 overly-simple thing you can do right now to help you find your headshot style

5:31 | How to find the perfect photographer for you to help you achieve this

Since your headshot is only what gets your foot in the door, you’ll want to dive into how you don’t need to be the best to be valuable or successful next. Then you’ll be able to match your confidence to your headshots.

What makes bad headshots?

Well, you actually know pretty instinctively what makes bad headshots vs good headshots. If you’ve ever scrolled through any social newsfeed, you know you’re constantly scrolling past a million pictures. They’re clearly not catching your attention.

They’re the ones where the person’s in a traditional suit & tie with an overly forced smile on their face. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional suit & tie—but paired with a forced smile, these photos show zero personality, don’t give any insight into what that person’s like, and certainly don’t make your eyes linger for more than a moment.

So, what’s are good headshots like?

#1 — It captures your energy.

A good headshot shows what it’s like to work with you.

Are you the outgoing person in the office who’s always laughing, or are you the one who’s more reserved and focused on getting your work done?

Both are totally fine. But! You will save so much heartache, rejection and time if you depict your specific energy in your headshot.

See, by showing your personal nature in your profile picture, it’ll make people do 1 of 2 things:

  1. They’ll instinctively think, “Hm, not sure if they’d be the best fit.” or
  2. They’ll say, “This person looks like they’d be GREAT to work with!” and then precede to go talk about you to everyone else in the office.

And I’m living proof of this being the #1 thing that makes good headshots vs bad headshots!

Because mine is of me laughing, owning my tattoos and glasses in a simple red t-shirt, everyone who approaches me says, “I can just tell you have such a radiant energy because of your picture!”

#2 — It connects you to your niche audience.

People connect to people, not job titles.

Don’t believe me? In 2018, Forbes released an article stating, “…the vast majority of employers (88%) are looking for a ‘cultural fit’ over skills in their next hire as more and more companies focus on attrition rates.”

(P.S. If you don’t know what attrition means, it basically means being worn down.)

So what does this mean for your headshots?

It means dressing for the job you want, not the one you think everyone wants you to get.

So here’s a simple way to connect to your niche audience through your headshots:

• Really think about the kind of people or work environment you’d like to work with/in. (You have a choice! Really!)
• Wear clothes that match that and still truly represent you and your personality

You are your own brand, and confidently owning that that is what makes you indispensable.

#3 — It stands out.

The last thing you want your headshot to do is make you blend in with a bunch of trinkets or foliage so no one can really tell if there’s a human in the photo.

Now, you can have a headshot that uses those elements in a way that adds to the photograph, but you need a professional photographer who knows how to achieve that look.

So make sure you are the center of attention in your headshot.

Sounds silly and obvious, but a lot of us are afraid to really own who we are.

Here’s what makes your headshot stand out powerfully:

• It’s simple
• Your face is the main focus
• You have 1-2 eye-catching colors involved

And since we’re talking about being your own brand, why not make those colors your favorites, or ones you look best in? They don’t have to be bright red and blue to be eye-catching.

How do you achieve this when having photos taken is so damn uncomfortable?

I’m glad you asked, my friend.

It’s crucial that you find a photographer that:

  1. Specializes in headshots (would you go to a foot doctor to perform heart surgery?)
  2. Vibes well with you (so you trust them and can relax at your session) and
  3. Matches a style you’re interested in (because you will both be disappointed if you try to make a photographer recreate a headshot you saw on Pinterest that doesn’t match their own zone of genius)

And that’s all there is to bad headshots vs good headshots!

Final tip: bookmark this page and have it on hand the next time you update your headshots so you don’t waste your money on the wrong headshots or feel like you can’t take a good picture!

All good things,

P.S. Did someone come to mind while reading this who, when you see their headshot, you’re like “GIRL. That is NOT you”? Yeah… share this with them. They’ll thank you for it later.

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business, or other commercial photography, take a moment to browse!

The One Thing That Really Makes You Valuable (Hint: It’s Not Being The Best)

Do you really have to be the best to be valuable?

You have an idea for a business that makes you rattle on about it to anyone who will listen. Hell, you even daydream about the day Oprah will interview you for it! But when it comes to actually selling it, you clam up. “It’s no million-dollar life coaching package…I’m not sure the font I’m using even pairs well with my message. Who would want to buy this? Is my offer even valuable?

Our fear of not being good enough keeps us from seeing how much value our products and services actually bring to the table for the people we work with.

As a result, it can stop us from putting ourselves out into the world to share what we have to offer.

And because we’re too nervous to share what we have to offer, we can deny thousands of people the very thing that could change their lives!

We think we have to have every piece of the puzzle together before we can present ourselves and our services to the world. But the reality we can’t see is that that ideology inhibits us.

I promise you—people want what you have to offer, but what you have to offer goes way beyond your quality and presentation.

So, what makes your offering truly valuable?

If you’ve been feeling like you’re not going to get anywhere because your brand’s quality isn’t top-shelf yet, watch this video and think again.

In it I cover what really adds value to your brand, product and service, along with:

• 0:33 | How I’ve failed with my product but still ended up with happy clients (and what really mattered to them)

• 1:32 | What role feelings play in your value

• 3:14 | Why it doesn’t matter how you feel about your work or your product

• 3:33 | How my experience with different tattoo artists influenced how I felt about my tattoos

• 5:48 | What you actually have to be & do to be valuable to your clients or people you’re working with (and how it benefits you)

What are you waiting for? Get clicking!

If you’re interested in learning how you can find more success by being yourself through your personal brand and your brand’s images, swing back around to the website and get started.

All good things,

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your business or other commercial photography, take a moment to browse!

Evia Necklace Product Photo Shoot

I love a good go-getter story.

Dina Moyer, the creator of this stunning Evia necklace for her brand, Nina Xouris Collective, came to me to help her get the word out about it. Problem was, she needed these product shots the next day.

Dina had previously submitted her own photos to the JCK Magazine Jeweler’s Choice Awards, but curators denied them. So, with literal hours before the deadline, it felt like we were in an episode of Cake Wars starting this project.

This was a first-timer for me, never having photographed jewelry before. But we finished right on time and…her necklace placed as one of the tops in her category!

Which meant this gorgeous $2100 necklace made it into their magazine for goodness knows how many people to see.

Success is in the details. Dina’s Evia necklace won that award for her finishing touches like the elegant ends that dress up the back of the necklace and the story behind her design:

“This piece symbolizes the courage and strength within all of us, the crossroads we face, our ups and downs through this life, and our constant, ever-changing journey.” —Dina Moyer

Dina’s also been recognized in Oprah Magazine for her Baltimore non-profit, Stronger Together. I can confidently say she crossed my path to remind me that we are all capable of doing big things.

What I love most is she knows her goals very clearly—what celebrities she wants to see wearing this necklace and what kind of brand she’s creating around it.

Enjoy Dina’s inspiring Evia necklace product photo shoot!

Evia necklace product photography
Nina Xouris Collective necklace
product photography york pa
necklace details
evia necklace product photo shoot

Looking for your own product shots? See more or get in touch to book your session!

All good things,

lauren mudrock and her cat tucker

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business, product photography for your York or Baltimore business, or looking for a portrait photographer in York, PA, family photographer in York, PA, or portrait photographer in Lancaster, PA, or portrait photographer near Baltimore, get in touch!

Abby’s Studio Headshots

It’s always fun to take a photo that looks like it should be on a magazine…when I saw the shot of Abby’s black-and-white blazer in my camera, I screamed “BALLER!” (didn’t know that word was still in my vocabulary) and told her she looked like she was being highlighted on Forbes.

Then I laughed to myself for the next 5 minutes, and we fed off of each other’s enthusiasm and got some really good shots following that.

Abby came to me seeking some headshots to enhance her online presence while she conquered her way up to several promotions in her company.

We decided to add a pop of her personality with her yellow jacket to complement her blue eyes, and we kept it casual by dressing her tops down with a pair of blue jeans.

Perfect mix to her down-to-earth professionalism.

Enjoy Abby’s studio headshots!

abby's studio headshots
Abby's studio headshots
Abby's studio headshots
Abby's studio headshots
Lauren Mudrock Photography

Looking for some shots like these for yourself? Shots that you feel like you can say that’s me to? See more or book your session.

All good things,

lauren mudrock and her cat tucker

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business, or looking for a portrait photographer in York, PA for your family photos, get in touch!

Courtney’s Studio Headshots

Courtney’s Studio Headshots

Courtney joined me in the studio to capture her most recent achievement: graduating from the police academy.

When I first spoke with her, Courtney said when she was in college she made a point to study something she was interested in and enjoyed. For her that was criminal justice.

Fast forward years later to her most recent graduation, she wanted to make it known through her photographs that she earned what she does for a living; many people along the way tried to tell her she wasn’t cut out for the job.

I think these photographs speak that truth for themselves.

York, PA photographers
lauren mudrock photography
baltimore photographers
philadelphia photographers
york pa photographers
personal branding photography

Here’s to the many endeavors ahead of you, Courtney!

Looking for some shots like these for yourself? Shots that you feel like you can say that’s me to? View more or book your own session.

All good things,

york pa photographers

Lauren is one of the many talented York PA photographers, though she’s strayed away from the mainstream and focuses on personal branding photography. She makes sure your brand’s photos match where your business is going, not just where it’s been. If you’re looking for a personal branding photographer near Baltimore, York Pa photographers, Philadelphia photographers, commercial photography, product photography, or headshots, get in touch with her!

Jim’s Studio Headshot Session

What good are headshots if you can’t add a little bit of creative portraiture into the mix?

My friend and fellow photographer, Jim Heine, asked me to take his picture. His Michael Franti “Stay Human” tee shirt, shorts, and socks combo set the tone for his shoot.

Jim’s an avid rock climber, and, like a lot of climbers in the Baltimore area, he’s got a big heart and a generous laugh.

He’s also someone you’ll learn something new about every time you’re with him, and the simplicity of his shots reflects that—his soft expressions and body language shows there’s so much more below the surface.

Enjoy browsing through Jim’s studio headshot session 🙂

Lauren Mudrock Photography
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Studio headshots baltimore
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Jim Heine studio headshot session

Looking for headshots or portraits of your own? See more or get in touch to book your session!

All good things,

lauren mudrock and her cat tucker

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business, or looking for a portrait photographer in York, PA for your family photos, get in touch!