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Optometrist Brand Photography | See La Vie | Bryn Mawr, PA


Optometrist Brand Photography • See La Vie • Bryn Mawr, PA

optometrist brand photography

See La Vie’s Brand Challenge

Kayla was opening her new optometry practice in Bryn Mawr, PA, targeting high-end clients. She needed her brand to communicate a feeling of luxury, high-fashion, and compassion.

With the help of a designer, she brought her vision for the French-inspired storefront to life, and now she needed photos that would show off the experience to her clients on her website and in publications.

What Sets See La Vie’s Optometry Brand Apart

Kayla isn’t just another optometrist. Her practice, See La Vie, is decked out in lavish details at every corner to the office.

Their brand’s signature differentiator is that they craft lenses and frames in house. So their clients get a new level of care and attention, since Kayla and her team are involved at every level, from the initial eye exams to the creation and delivery of the final product.

Planning The Branding Session

For See La Vie’s session, we focused on 3 things:

  • Communicating the lifestyle Kayla’s clients will experience after they work with her
  • Showcasing her gorgeous glasses displays and enticing space
  • Highlighting Kayla as the face of her brand, working closely with clients

This helps her clients know exactly what they can expect when they step into her storefront, from quality of service, to interactions, to outcome.

Plus, she has plenty of personality shots to include in any publication or articles she’s published in.

Here’s how it all came together for this optometrist brand photography session.

The Results of See La Vie’s Optometrist Brand Photography

optometrist brand photography
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optometrist brand photography
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