turning unseen entrepreneurs
into industry disrupters

With scroll-stopping brand photography & Education

You know, those photos you're still holding onto that...

• Send the wrong message out to the wrong people?
•  Don't look like you anymore (or ever)?
• Make people scroll past you on their newsfeed?
• Hold you back from marketing because you're too embarrassed to show them to the world?
• Don't align with your current business direction?
• Make no sense with your website or Canva designs?

Even more than that, it tells them how they should act around you, invest in you, and talk about you to their network.

Your brand tells people
how to feel about you.

lemme be real...What opportunities are your current photos costing you?

I know it's scary to put yourself out there with all your "flaws" an' all. But those old photos are keeping you on the sidelines when you're meant to be playing with the big guys.

The ones that just aren't getting your good work out into the world??

you'll sell
better than sex itself.

3 seconds is all you have to catch and keep someone's attention in today's world. So I dig deep to find out how you relate to your clients and how to communicate it in a scroll-stopping way that makes them lean in and craving for more of what you have to say.

stopping images

We craft your branding photography with design in mind. That means it'll flow with your web design, not compete with it. We make sure you get a variety of images that fit into any of your marketing materials. Music to your viewers' eyeballs.

for any design

I'm talking "That bitch" energy. No more hitting snooze on your daydreams. The right brand photography anchors in your most driven desires for your business and gives you the motivation and tools to take practical action to bring them to life.

more goals accomplished

With the right photos

Here's what you get:

Your essence in every image

I'm Lauren—I've helped TEDx speakers, grammy-level musicians, international best-selling authors, and international coaches build a more confident online presence with branding photography and headshots. I'll help you do the same.

I live by the belief that people see your energy, not your flaws, and I'm dedicated to bringing out the best in you.

With an experience that's based on putting you in your comfort zone, we'll capture your essence—your most authentic self—on camera.

- don't take my word -



Wanna hear from my clients themselves? Click their photo to hear their firsthand insights on the experience.


The most engaging content happens when you start with the end use in mind and work backwards, and this guide'll help you do exactly that.

Make me memorable!

• Over 30 places to put your photos so people remember you as their go-to guide
• My favorite 4 design tips that'll get people to hover on your content longer
• The 2 things to pair your photos with to drive home your sales
• 4 best-use practices to avoid looking like a scammer to your audience

Go from unseen to

Inside you'll learn:

Branding photos do absolutely nothing for your business if 1) you're shy about using them and 2) you're not using them in deliberately impactful places.

I didn't lie when I said it's loved by people who hate being photographed


— Angie S.

"I’m actually looking forward to getting my photos done for the first time ever"


- Samantha H.

Everyone on the team noted how fun she is, and how she was able to take something that normally makes everyone nervous and make it an exciting experience for them. It was easy and straightforward from start to finish with her.

"Lauren's ability to relax everyone as they came in for their sessions is unparalleled."


— Christine T.

I hated having my picture taken. I mean REALLY hated it. Lauren was a dream to work with. She always met me where I was, made me feel at ease and got gorgeous photos for me. Her photos made my whole website come to life! She takes the time to truly get to know who you are and it comes through in her art. A true professional and artist. Thank you Lauren for making the process so comfortable and I can’t wait to do it again!

"Her photos made my whole website come to life!"


3 easy-peasy steps

what to expect in

We keep things personal and convenient with a quick video chat so you can tell me what about your business and what you're looking for from your photos.



We'll strategize on how to communicate your message through your branding photography or headshots in an effortless way so you just have to show up and enjoy yourself the day of your session.



Your branding photos will be delivered via web for easy download so you can start sharing them anywhere and everywhere. Throw 'em on your website or hand them over to your designer to make 'em into even more eye-catching materials.



Ronnie Polaneczky is a TEDx speaker and former journalist at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

She used her headshots to give her outdated website a facelift before she made her debut on the Today Show's segment, Adulting.

That way when people visited her site, she showed she was a credible source and had an important mission and wasn't someone they should dismiss.

How ronnie's photos helped her after the today show

Client wins

(Pause video before exiting)

(Pause video before exiting)