Our collaboration gives you personal brand photography that you can confidently say “that’s me” to.
Not only that, it will show the right people that you are who they want to work with.

Lauren made me feel so comfortable that she really captured my aesthetic and personality.”

Hailey P.

What we offer

Branding photography isn’t just for business owners these days. Whether you’re a well-known expert in your industry or are just trying to score a job for the first time, you are your own brand. We’re here to help you level up at every part of your journey with these experiences:

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Save hours of job searching and crafting resumes by making the right first impression with the right people.

personal branding photography

Personal Branding

No more vague stock photography—make your value clear with personal branding photography so you don’t have to waste anymore time searching for your ideal clients. They’ll come to you.

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Commercial Photography

For product photography, corporate photography, and events. This automatically increases the value of your products and services so you can make the money you deserve without extra stress and effort.

Are we a good fit for each other?

I don’t care what business you’re in, only that your heart is in it, too.

You see, I love working with people who are in business because they can’t follow anyone else’s rules.

Because they can’t put themselves in society’s box.

Because they make play a priority.

Because they stretch their creative boundaries out of curiosity.

I love working with people who think about their business as their means to leave an impact on this world and to find authentic purpose, not just a means to get a paycheck.

Sound like you? We should talk.

York PA, Baltimore, Lancaster, Philadelphia photographers focused on you.

Lauren Mudrock Photography is a personal branding photography studio in York, PA. If you’re looking for photographers in York, PA, photographers in Philadelphia, or Baltimore photographers to help your personal or professional brand level up, get in touch! We offer studio headshots, personal branding photography, commercial photography, product photography, and event photography.