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The Appell Center Branding Photography | York, PA


The Appell Center Branding Photography • York, PA

The Appell Center’s Branding Photography

When the crew at The Appell Center reached out to me, they didn’t have photos that showcased their diverse and abundant crowds that their shows often bring in. They were starting to revamp their entire website’s presence and wanted to make this the forefront of their messaging for it.

Of course, some things are better communicated with flashy, energetic, engaging images. This gives your potential clients a glimpse of the experience rather than relying on words alone. And this is one of the perfect times for that. So we got to work on planning which upcoming event would get the job done best.

As it turns out, The Price Is Right was in town, and the crowd was perfect for what we were looking for.

How we communicated The Appell Center’s brand:

I also had the opportunity to photography Lake Street Dive while I was there, so those photos came as a bonus:

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