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Orthodontist Brand Photography | Baybird Orthodontics | Dover, Delaware


Orthodontist Brand Photography • Baybird Orthodontics • Dover, Delaware

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Baybird’s Brand Challenge: Shaking Off the Sterile Vibe

Dr. Sita Patel’s gorgeous brand revolves around breaking the norm in the dentistry world that usually feels, well, a bit clinical. How? by radiating warmth in her space through design.

You know the scene: the classic orthodontist’s office with those white walls, shiny metal contraptions, and that subtle scent of antiseptic that lingers in the air. Sita took this stereotype and flipped it on its head! This orthodontist’s office was different—it was bursting with color, life, and a welcoming energy that felt nothing like you’d normally expect.

It was important to Dr. Sita that we showed how family-friendly Baybird Orthodontics is; it’s a great place for kids and their parents to feel taken care of and welcomed. And while she did the heavy lifting of designing the place herself (seriously??? How talented!), we needed to do her work justice—with welcoming expressions and content in her photos (see Planning The Session for more).

What Sets Dr. Sita’s Brand Apart: A Dash of Life in Every Corner

So, what makes this Baybird Orthodontics stand out? It’s all about their commitment to infusing life and vibrance into every nook and cranny. As soon as you step in, you’re greeted by striped walls, designer furniture & artwork, and tons of plants. Like you’d expect from a modern hotel experience for a down-to-earth hospitality vibe.

Gone are the days of feeling like you’re entering a sterile laboratory. This place is more like a haven where everyone—kids and adults alike—can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Planning the Session: Showcasing the Warmth of Dr. Sita’s Brand

Now, let’s talk about how we brought Baybird Orthodontics’ brand essence to life through our photography session. Planning was key—we wanted to capture the true personality of this orthodontist’s office, so we worked out a shot list that covered all the elements:

1. The Space: We aimed to let the space & distinctive accent walls speak for themselves. Wide-angle shots captured the lively waiting area, the window-lit treatment rooms, and the cozy consultation corners. Shown from many angles so new customers knew how to navigate the space before their first appointment (because we all know that can be super anxiety-inducing).

2. The People: What’s a space without the people who make it come alive? We snapped portraits of Dr. Sita’s team, both as portraits and working with their clients.

3. The Clients: Showcasing the happiness of the clients was a top priority. We emphasized the family-friendly nature by including the giggles and natural playfulness of some of her younger clients.

4. The Tools: Even the tools got their time in the spotlight! With her branded bags, tooth brushes, and cases, we made her dental tools look less intimidating and more like essential elements of a grand smile journey.

(Side note: if you’re looking for guidance for what kinds of shots you’ll need or what to showcase in your own brand photos, you’ll get that in the half day or the whole day session)

The Results of Baybird’s Orthodontist Brand Photography Session

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orthodontist brand photography
baybird orthodontics
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orthodontist brand photography
orthodontist brand photography
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orthodontist brand photography
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orthodontist brand photography
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In a nutshell, this orthodontist brand photography session was all about capturing the essence of a modern orthodontist’s office that breaks free from tradition. It’s a place where colors dance, smiles are crafted, and every single person who walks through the door becomes a part of a warm, welcoming family.

I was thrilled to have been a part of this journey, freezing moments of happiness and creating a visual story that’s like, “I’m not like a regular orthodontist, I’m a cool orthodontist.”

What do you want people to feel about your own brand?

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