Personal Branding Photography

“This is by far the best I’ve felt about the results of a photo shoot.”

-Christine K.

Match your brand’s photos to where your business is headed, not just where it’s been.

There’s something about an eye-catching portrait that engages you and makes your eyes do a little more research. It makes you feel something—the essence of that person—through a visual story of success, connection, greed, wonder, awe, struggle, prestige, or play.

And that unspoken story has the power to spark curiosity and move people into life-changing action.

You do what you do for a big reason. What could your brand’s photos be inspiring in the world right now?

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personal branding photography

Welcome to your comfort zone.

“What do I do with my hands?”

Sound annoyingly familiar?

Feel like you hold an awkward pose and smile just long enough that the life gets sucked out of your photos?

Every step of your personal branding photography experience with me is tailored to what makes you feel most comfortable so you can show up relaxed, at ease, and completely you.

Your essence—the you who you are when you’re in your zone of genius—is what will bring in the clients of your dreams and will spread your message like wildfire. And that’s the you I help you capture.

You have a story to tell.
What do you want people to know about you?

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personal brand photographer for influencers
personal branding photography
personal branding

Is personal branding photography a good fit for you?

Your images will create congruency across your brand’s elements like your website, sales booklets, banners, podcast cover art, and sponsored ads. (It all starts with you.)

If you’re a coach, author or influencer, I’ll help you establish yourself as the next-level industry expert; completely set yourself apart from others; build that know, like, and trust factor with your dream clients; and see every bit of what you’re here to bring to the world, come together.

The most brilliant part about your experience happens afterwards. When you have your personal branding photos in your hands, you feel a drive to get to work, and some force inside you starts driving you to make your next-level goals a reality…

You’re just along for the exhilarating, whirlwind of an adventure we call entrepreneurship; and you got to do it your way.

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A holistic experience

Brand Clarity

We’ll get clear on how you want to show yourself to the world. This will lay the foundation for both your photos and every future branding decision you make.

Collaborative Planning

I’ll guide you to make empowered choices on how to bring every detail of your brand’s photographs to life.

A Memorable Session

Your session will feel more like we’re hanging out than an intimidating photo shoot—and you’ll walk away with images you can confidently say, “That’s me” to.

personal branding photography

Wanna work together?!

Lauren offers personal branding photography from Baltimore, MD to Philadelphia, PA and beyond. If you’re looking for personal brand photography, personal branding photography, wild event photography, commercial photography, or headshots near Baltimore, MD, get in touch!