Personal Branding Photography

“This is by far the best I’ve felt about the results of a photo shoot.”

-Christine K.

Your essence speaks louder than words.

There’s something about a candid photo that, when it catches your attention, makes your eyes linger a little longer. It makes you feel something—the spirit of that person—something a posed picture can’t recreate.

If all that emotion comes out of one single photograph for you, what kind of connection could you be building with your audience when your personal brand’s photography aligns with your heart?

Welcome to your comfort zone.

You help your clients live the most authentic version of themselves, so you expect your brand’s photos to show your most authentic self, too.

But how do you do that when taking photos can be so uncomfortable?

I get it. I direct people on how to look good on camera for a living, but put me on screen and my first thought is, “What do I do?” And if I’m not enjoying myself, the photo wreaks of that energy.

That’s why every step of your personal branding experience is tailored to what makes you feel most comfortable so you can show up relaxed, at ease, and completely you.

Your essence—the you who you are when you’re in your zone of genius—is what will bring in the clients of your dreams and will spread your message like wildfire!

That’s the you I help bring out in your personal brand photography.

Is personal branding photography a good fit for you?

Your images will create congruency across your brand’s elements like your website, sales booklets, banners, podcast cover art, and sponsored ads.

If you’re a coach, author or influencer, personal branding photography will help you establish yourself as an industry expert; set yourself apart from others; build a know, like, and trust factor with potential clients; and increase the monetary value of your service.

A holistic experience

Each personal branding session is broken into 3 main parts:

Brand Clarity

We’ll get clear on how you want to show yourself to the world. This will lay the foundation for both your photos and every future branding decision you make.

Collaborative Planning

I’ll guide you to make empowered choices on how to bring every detail of your brand’s photographs to life.

A Memorable Session

Your session will feel more like we’re hanging out than an intimidating photo shoot—and you’ll walk away with images you can confidently say, “That’s me” to.

Like what you see? We should talk.