Meet Lauren

Hello, my friend!

I’m Lauren—the wholesome photographer behind Lauren Mudrock Photography.

I’ve helped international best-selling authors, international coaches, actors, and grammy-level musicians build their brands and marketing campaigns with personal brand photography. (And I’m excited to say my work’s been featured on Smithsonian Magazine’s website!)

My clients have used their photos in magazines, books, and album covers to expand their influence and build a proper representation of themselves.

I bring out the best in you in your photos. How? By making your experience feel more like we’re hanging out than a stuffy, awkward, agitating photo session.

If you’re looking for headshots or personal branding, I help you catch and keep the attention of the people you (actually) want to work with. (Your photos will make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time.)

And if you’re here for family portraits, maternity photos, or engagement photos, I help you get pictures that look a little more like real life than forcing “perfect”. Because life is already perfect exactly as it is.

As for me personally, I’m somewhere between a wise sage and a big goof. I love singing, playing ukulele and pondering philosophy. I’m obsessed with Animal Crossing, and you’ll find me riding my bike, kayaking, or reading in my hammock in my downtime in the warmer months.

I also laugh a lot…mostly because I misinterpret everything I hear.

Wanna work together? Cool, me too. Book your session here or browse previous sessions here first.

All good things,

Where’s the studio?

Lauren Mudrock Photography is in York, PA. If you’re traveling from Philly, be sure to add a stop for lunch at the refreshing, aesthetic coffee shops & restaurants nearby!

(For branding sessions, retreats and event photography, I travel world-wide.)

lauren mudrock photography pineapple logo

Why the pineapple?

A pineapple is a sign of welcoming, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience during every single interaction with me. This Picasso-styled one-liner represents the playful, relaxed nature of the photographs you’ll walk away with.

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