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The One Thing That Really Makes You Valuable (Hint: It’s Not Being The Best)

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Do you really have to be the best to be valuable?

You have an idea for a business that makes you rattle on about it to anyone who will listen. Hell, you even daydream about the day Oprah will interview you for it! But when it comes to actually selling it, you clam up. “It’s no million-dollar life coaching package…I’m not sure the font I’m using even pairs well with my message. Who would want to buy this? Is my offer even valuable?

Our fear of not being good enough keeps us from seeing how much value our products and services actually bring to the table for the people we work with.

As a result, it can stop us from putting ourselves out into the world to share what we have to offer.

And because we’re too nervous to share what we have to offer, we can deny thousands of people the very thing that could change their lives!

We think we have to have every piece of the puzzle together before we can present ourselves and our services to the world. But the reality we can’t see is that that ideology inhibits us.

I promise you—people want what you have to offer, but what you have to offer goes way beyond your quality and presentation.

So, what makes your offering truly valuable?

If you’ve been feeling like you’re not going to get anywhere because your brand’s quality isn’t top-shelf yet, watch this video and think again.

In it I cover what really adds value to your brand, product and service, along with:

• 0:33 | How I’ve failed with my product but still ended up with happy clients (and what really mattered to them)

• 1:32 | What role feelings play in your value

• 3:14 | Why it doesn’t matter how you feel about your work or your product

• 3:33 | How my experience with different tattoo artists influenced how I felt about my tattoos

• 5:48 | What you actually have to be & do to be valuable to your clients or people you’re working with (and how it benefits you)

What are you waiting for? Get clicking!

If you’re interested in learning how you can find more success by being yourself through your personal brand and your brand’s images, swing back around to the website and get started.

All good things,

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your business or other commercial photography, take a moment to browse!