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Evia Necklace Product Photo Shoot


I love a good go-getter story.

Dina Moyer, the creator of this stunning Evia necklace for her brand, Nina Xouris Collective, came to me to help her get the word out about it. Problem was, she needed these product shots the next day.

Dina had previously submitted her own photos to the JCK Magazine Jeweler’s Choice Awards, but curators denied them. So, with literal hours before the deadline, it felt like we were in an episode of Cake Wars starting this project.

This was a first-timer for me, never having photographed jewelry before. But we finished right on time and…her necklace placed as one of the tops in her category!

Which meant this gorgeous $2100 necklace made it into their magazine for goodness knows how many people to see.

Success is in the details. Dina’s Evia necklace won that award for her finishing touches like the elegant ends that dress up the back of the necklace and the story behind her design:

“This piece symbolizes the courage and strength within all of us, the crossroads we face, our ups and downs through this life, and our constant, ever-changing journey.” —Dina Moyer

Dina’s also been recognized in Oprah Magazine for her Baltimore non-profit, Stronger Together. I can confidently say she crossed my path to remind me that we are all capable of doing big things.

What I love most is she knows her goals very clearly—what celebrities she wants to see wearing this necklace and what kind of brand she’s creating around it.

Enjoy Dina’s inspiring Evia necklace product photo shoot!

Evia necklace product photography
Nina Xouris Collective necklace
product photography york pa
necklace details
evia necklace product photo shoot

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