Christine | Business Advisor | Personal Brand Session

Learn about the business advisor who climbs mountains, drives Harleys, and is known for having personality in her industry when everyone else’s is “dry”.

Susan | Prosperity Coach | Personal Brand Session

Check out Susan’s personal branding session!

Blair Thornburgh’s Personal Brand Session | Downingtown, PA

Blair Thornburgh: Storyteller. Quirk enthusiast. Trinket collector. Skull advocate.

Someone needs your influence more than you think right now

So you want to speak on a specific topic you think will really help people, but right now you feel like no one needs your influence. Or you’re afraid of the backlash you’ll receive from it, so you’re hesitating on putting it out to the world… …This will help you get over that and seeContinue reading “Someone needs your influence more than you think right now”

Christine’s York, PA Personal Brand Photography Session

Christine Kloser is a world-renowned transformational author coach who has dedicated the last 20 years to helping people find their voice and share their message, despite all the reasons they think they shouldn’t. I’ve had the pleasure of attending her events and connecting with her family through a series of synchronicities—when I first attended herContinue reading “Christine’s York, PA Personal Brand Photography Session”