Brand photographer & educator. I play ukulele, I sing, and I laugh a lot, mostly because I misinterpret everything I hear. Want to change the way people invest in you? Work with me—I travel worldwide.

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Theresa’s Studio Headshots


When Theresa and I got in touch about her studio headshots, a parakeet was singing in the background of our Zoom call.

She told me that years ago her neighbor asked her to take him since he was moving and couldn’t bring the bird along. So she brought him in without realizing that he’d live years and years, into 2020!

I love that story, and when she told me it, my response to the unexpected life-long commitment was, “Sounds like a tattoo…that you have to feed!”

(I know, such a way with words.)

She laughed kindly and genuinely at my joke, and I could tell how warm of a human being she is. And that was exactly what vibe she wanted to give off in her headshots.

During her session, she joked about how strangers have always come up to her and her siblings to ask for help because they’re almost too approachable. So my job wasn’t that hard—it came through naturally in all of her poses.

What she loved about her final images was that each one showed a different side of her personality. And since she plans to open her own business in the next few years, it’s a useful way to communicate different messages to her audiences.

Enjoy browsing Theresa’s shoot!

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Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business or looking for a portrait photographer in York, PA, family photographer in York, PA, or portrait photographer in Lancaster, PA, or portrait photographer near Baltimore, get in touch!