Brand photographer & educator. I play ukulele, I sing, and I laugh a lot, mostly because I misinterpret everything I hear. Want to change the way people invest in you? Work with me—I travel worldwide.

Meet Lauren

Blair Thornburgh | Downingtown PA Branding Session


About Blair

Blair Thornburgh: Storyteller. Quirk enthusiast. Trinket collector. Skull advocate.

Blair’s four magical (you’ll see) books have made their way into many people’s hands…and hearts. She’s the type of person who’s so damn relatable, you feel like good friends after exchanging just a few sentences.

She told me about her Medieval studies, her love for sea shanties, and how her journey to becoming an author was never a struggle—it just happened. Blair coaches other writers and offers editing services to them. But her true love is in the sounds of her fingertips on her typewriters, creating her own books.

I lost sleep over this session for months (in a good way). I even bought completely new camera equipment to show up at my best for such an awesome gig. And we made magic. (Thanks, Nancy, for the assist!)

Side note: you can check out Blair’s books, or work with her on your own!

Personal Branding Tip

Personal branding tip from this session: find out what your clients care about and write out how you relate to those things. It’ll make them feel like you get them, and they’ll be more invested in what you have to say.

(Ex: Blair’s clients care about family, so we used her old family photos in some shots to create a deeper connection with them!)

Enjoy these as much as I do!

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