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Author Branding Session | Christine Kloser


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Samples of Christine’s branding photos in use

Christine is the CEO of both Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing. You can grab a copy of her latest book on Amazon here: Turning Point Moments.

Christine’s Author Branding Session

We huddled in the corner booth of Fort Lauderdale’s airport dive bar while we waited for our connecting flight. Christine & I drank our electrolyte-infused waters, gossiped about the most recent horoscope readings, and planned for our week-long event in the Bahamas ahead.

She was leading a group of 8 other women through a week of breakthroughs and honest conversations about what we wanted out of the next chapter of our lives. I was there to anchor it in with emotional, storytelling photos.

But first, we had to take her new branding photos.

Sexy, powerful, goddess.

That’s what Christine wanted to highlight.

She’s done so much for her two businesses (Get Your Book Done and Capucia Publishing) that they’re up and running almost entirely on their own, and now she’s ready for a new project (outside of her Love Wraps brand she’s also creating!!! Powerhouse).

So she’s working on bringing her initial calling of group facilitation back into the picture, helping women connect to their inner goddess. This time completely under her own name and personal brand, Christine Kloser.

We dove into what all that looks like for her, and these are the branding photos that came out of it. (Juicy event photos to come!)

Enjoy, and scroll to the bottom of this post for your own branding action item 🙂

Christine’s Author Branding Session Highlights

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author branding session
author branding session
author personal branding session
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bahamas branding session
christine kloser's bahamas branding session
bahamas branding session

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Your branding question

Location is an important piece of telling your brand’s story. If your brand was a place, what would it be?

Write out a list of 10 ideas that would tell your audience exactly what they needed to know about your brand. (And if 10 is easy, write out 15 or 20 to really stretch yourself and come up with unexpected concepts.)

What would they say about your brand?

Anchor your ideas in your mind by sharing it in the comments below! If you need ideas, this guide will help you:

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All good things,

lauren mudrock and her cat tucker

Look. Photos are just awkward. Period. It’s not you. That’s why my photo sessions are built around putting you in your comfort zone so you can show up like your real self and get your message into more of the right people’s hands.
Lauren is an international branding photographer and headshot photographer serving Philadelphia, York PA, Baltimore, and worldwide. Need some help planning your branding photos? Use this free brand photography planning tool.