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Branding session review | Jacquelyn Kyle


You ever wonder how people perceive you? What about how the media—specifically publishing editors—perceive you when they’re deciding to keep or ditch your pitch?

Today I want to share Jacquelyn Kyle’s brand session experience.

She came to me for branding photos to help her get more public interviews when she knew the selfie and a few stock images on her website weren’t helping her make that happen. Here’s what her experience was like and how her images are helping her solidify her next goal (time stamps below).

0:00 | Who Jac is & what does she do?

0:07 | Jac’s plan to grow her business & what’s currently holding her back

0:29 | Why it was important to Jac to invest in branding photography

0:48 | The hesitations that almost held her back from getting photos

0:57 | How Jac found me & knew we were a great fit for her

1:18 | How we got Jac’s photos to look like *her* and align with her brand

1:36 | Jac’s moment of panic that almost made her postpone her shoot

1:57 | What she can’t stop scrolling through and why

2:09 | How Jac’s photos are helping her pitch to the media

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