Listen. Headshots are awkward. Period. Unless you're a model.

But you need them if you want to make people stop scrolling through social media and get curious about who you are and how you can help them.

That's why this experience is built around putting you in your comfort zone so you can show up as your real self in your headshots.

We'll chat in the studio and take some pictures in between, and you'll walk away with a scroll-stopping smile. Personable and low-key, just like it should be.


The headshot

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2 final images

2 looks/outfits (+ guidance if needed)

2 backdrops

prep questionnaire

Perfect if you just like to get to the point!


Headshot Collections

• 2-3x more traffic to your social pages
• An impressionable email signature
• Higher-quality job offers and acting gigs

What can these 2 photos get you?


30-minute session


10 final images

props & 5 looks

Up to 3 backdrops

Prep workbook

This'll give you headshots that pack personality and can be used for more than just a profile pic.

The branding HEADSHOT

Headshot Collections

• Create unique website backgrounds
• Video & reel covers
• Create cohesion across your social platforms

What can you do with these 10 images?

up to 2 hr session

style guide

loved by people who
hate being photographed


— Angie S.

"I’m actually looking forward to getting my photos done for the first time ever"


- Samantha H.

Everyone on the team noted how fun she is, and how she was able to take something that normally makes everyone nervous and make it an exciting experience for them. It was easy and straightforward from start to finish with her.

"Lauren's ability to relax everyone as they came in for their sessions is unparalleled."


— Christine T.

I hated having my picture taken. I mean REALLY hated it. Lauren was a dream to work with. She always met me where I was, made me feel at ease and got gorgeous photos for me. Her photos made my whole website come to life! She takes the time to truly get to know who you are and it comes through in her art. A true professional and artist. Thank you Lauren for making the process so comfortable and I can’t wait to do it again!

"Her photos made my whole website come to life!"