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Camera shy? A photographer’s real-talk on this common fear


How do we become camera shy?

How do we become camera shy? Well, ever go to a party and see bad a bad photo someone took of you and then decided you never want to be photographed again? That’ll do it.

But you’re judging yourself off of the wrong benchmark.

Here’s some real-talk about the things that add up to you being camera shy and how to overcome them (timestamps below) (don’t forget to listen at 2x speed if you want to get through it quicker).

00:06 | Intro

00:33 | The relieving truth about photos

00:50 | The practical reasons you don’t like being on camera (you’re using the wrong benchmark)

01:53 | Once you get this down, you’ll instantly feel better about being on camera

02:43 | Poses for women

05:05 | Poses for guys

5:45 | The subconscious reasons you don’t like being photographed

06:58 | My own experience of working through camera shyness

07:59 | How to challenge old patterns, beliefs, and mindsets around being on camera by comparing your environments

09:51 | How to make it fun for yourself—how to make something unbearable like camera shyness more bearable

10:55 | Another posing tip

12:06 | Coming up with workarounds for your insecurities

**P.S. I should say, my mom and I are good and she’s actually one of the only people I trust to take photos of me today. So your circumstances are VERY malleable!

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camera shy

Look. Photos are just awkward. Period. It’s not you. That’s why my photo sessions are built around putting you in your comfort zone so you can show up like your real self and get your message into more of the right people’s hands.
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