I hear ya, sister.

You know you've got a great service. So why aren't people buying it?

Maybe you've got a million ideas you want to implement, but you don't know which one to prioritize, or how to even roadmap the rest.

And, my favorite, you find that things sound better in your head than they do on your website. What gives?

You've got a business going, but now you're stuck on how to make it, well, stick.

Marketing without clear brand guidelines to follow is hurting. your. business. If your brand doesn’t make sense to your audience, let alone you, it’s sabotaging you and not reaching the thousands of strangers who are asking the universe for what you offer. Not to mention, it also leads to compounded discouragement that us entrepreneurs can’t afford. 

Brands without boundaries are ineffective.

Mindset absolutely will help. But sometimes you need to know a clear how and not just your why to make your dreams a reality.

"Fake it til you make it" isn't enough.

It’s hard to stand out when you’re just getting started in any new business, and luck isn’t always on your side. Luckily strategy is.

We’re working in a deluge of competition these days.

I promise you have something so valuable to offer the world. You deserve to know how to harness it.

It's not you.

The truth is

Hint: it already has that value, you just need to change how you talk about it.

Learn how to make your offer worth the price you want to charge

Our ideas are fragile. When we share them with people who just don't get it, we can be convinced our idea was dog sh*t and never even give ourselves a chance to try. (Nothing hurts more than seeing someone do it successfully later on.) Working with someone who's in your corner gives you the encouragement that keeps you going when you face challenges.

Get validation and feedback on the ideas you're afraid to share

It’s hard to stand out when you’re just getting started in any new business, and luck isn’t always on your side. Luckily strategy is.

Map out a practical branding strategies and next steps

Not just to you, but to everyone else who comes across it, too. That includes future team members.

Make your brand make sense

With the right support, you can

Luckily you haven't reached a dead end.

You don't have to think so hard and figure everything out alone

Your website looks like a million bucks

You know exactly what to say to your next potential client

People stop questioning your prices

Imagine the relief you'll feel when...

and then some

• Copywriting
How to make your words sound not just pretty, but pretty relatable. Web pages, sales pages, social, email love notes

• Brand strategy
The emotions that drive your audience's decisions

• Marketing tactics
How you can get your name out there in ways that work for you

• Email opt-ins & drip campaigns
How to get people to open (and read) your emails (and by that I mean, stop promoting "newsletters" immediately)

• Offer creation
And being able to speak about it without feeling like you're bragging (but, please, all brags welcome with me)

• User experience
What makes people want to spend as much time on your content as they do on Instagram

• Brand & offer differentiation
Finding your secret sauce & communicating it so that people know when they need you over someone else

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We'll work through it together, and you'll take note of the strategies and lessons that feel right to you


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Okay let's do this

All ideas are welcome. I ask a lot of questions to make sure I genuinely understand your challenge and am giving you what you really need, not what makes me feel smart. That's how we'll get more Aha! moments.


Frustrated, confused, excited, needing to brag to someone, whatever. I'm a Reiki Master, and I know emotions are part of the process to bigger, more consistent breakthroughs.

a space you can be yourself in.

I'll give you clear advice based on nearly a decade of learning how to run a business—collected from proven leaders' insights and my own tried & true experience.

Zero bullshit.

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