Julie’s Studio Headshot Session

Compassion, genuineness, and a hint of I’m-here-to-get-ish-done. Learn about Julie and see the headshots from her studio session here.

Someone needs your influence more than you think right now

So you want to speak on a specific topic you think will really help people, but right now you feel like no one needs your influence. Or you’re afraid of the backlash you’ll receive from it, so you’re hesitating on putting it out to the world… …This will help you get over that and seeContinue reading “Someone needs your influence more than you think right now”

Is your headshot sabotaging you? Bad headshots vs good headshots

See, it’s not that you’re not the perfect candidate for that position you’ve been stalking, or that you’re just lacking the skills (after all your experiences? you’ve got everything you need!). It’s just that you’re not positioning yourself out in the world so the right people can see your genius and that you are their dream come true…

The One Thing That Really Makes You Valuable (Hint: It’s Not Being The Best)

Do you really have to be the best to be valuable? You have an idea for a business that makes you rattle on about it to anyone who will listen. Hell, you even daydream about the day Oprah will interview you for it! But when it comes to actually selling it, you clam up. “It’sContinue reading “The One Thing That Really Makes You Valuable (Hint: It’s Not Being The Best)”

Abby’s Studio Headshots

It’s always fun to take a photo that looks like it should be on a magazine…when I saw the shot of Abby’s black-and-white blazer in my camera, I screamed “BALLER!” (didn’t know that word was still in my vocabulary) and told her she looked like she was being highlighted on Forbes. Then I laughed toContinue reading “Abby’s Studio Headshots”

Jim’s Studio Headshot Session

What good are headshots if you can’t add a little bit of creative portraiture into the mix? My friend and fellow photographer, Jim Heine, asked me to take his picture. His Michael Franti “Stay Human” tee shirt, shorts, and socks combo set the tone for his shoot. Jim’s an avid rock climber, and, like aContinue reading “Jim’s Studio Headshot Session”

Christine’s York, PA Personal Brand Photography Session

Christine Kloser is a world-renowned transformational author coach who has dedicated the last 20 years to helping people find their voice and share their message, despite all the reasons they think they shouldn’t. I’ve had the pleasure of attending her events and connecting with her family through a series of synchronicities—when I first attended herContinue reading “Christine’s York, PA Personal Brand Photography Session”

Hailey’s Studio Headshots | York PA Photographers

Hailey’s Studio Session | York, PA Photographers Hailey joined me in the studio to update her headshots and showed up as her most comfortable and confident self. How’d she do that? By being her. She came decked out in rainbow nails for Pride (I couldn’t stop staring at them…you’ll see why in a minute), aContinue reading “Hailey’s Studio Headshots | York PA Photographers”

Business Motivation – Take the Step

If you’re afraid to start again because you feel you’re already too far down a certain path, give yourself the chance to live that new life you’ve been dreaming of.