Jim’s Studio Headshot Session

What good are headshots if you can’t add a little bit of creative portraiture into the mix?

My friend and fellow photographer, Jim Heine, asked me to take his picture. His Michael Franti “Stay Human” tee shirt, shorts, and socks combo set the tone for his shoot.

Jim’s an avid rock climber, and, like a lot of climbers in the Baltimore area, he’s got a big heart and a generous laugh.

He’s also someone you’ll learn something new about every time you’re with him, and the simplicity of his shots reflects that—his soft expressions and body language shows there’s so much more below the surface.

Enjoy browsing through Jim’s studio headshot session 🙂

Lauren Mudrock Photography
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Studio headshots baltimore
Jim Heine studio headshot session
Jim Heine studio headshot session

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All good things,

lauren mudrock and her cat tucker

Lauren is a personal branding photographer between Baltimore and Philadelphia in York, PA. She takes killer high-end headshots that make you say, “That’s me?!” and “That’s me.” at the same time. If you’re looking for candid event photography for your Baltimore- or Philly-based business, or looking for a portrait photographer in York, PA for your family photos, get in touch!

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